Miranda Licence was working as a primary school teacher when she developed a functional gait (walking) disorder as part of FND. This tremendous short film sees Miranda looking back at her walking problems and the physiotherapy treatment she had to help ‘retrain the brain’. Not everyone with FND can achieve these kinds of recovery but films like this are important to offer hope for those in the process of treatment. This film was originally posted on Vimeo in Jan 2016 by Jeff Licence, Miranda’s Uncle who made it for ABC open (Australia). thanks to Miranda who gave me permission to repost on Youtube in May 2021. @royalbrisbanehospital, @Royal Toowoomba, Queensland, Pittsworth Connect, Pittsworth State School, Brisbane Times, ABC News


When I asked Miranda for permission to repost her film she sent me this message explaining how she had been since 2016. I have posted this with her permission as its often hard for people to find out information about how people get on years after having FND and thought it may be helpful to others.

As far as FND is concerned, I have probably had about 4 reoccurrences over 7 years. None lasting more than 2 days and never presenting in the same severity as the first occasion . These always seem to be brought on by physical illness in my case. This makes it especially complicated because it often involves a presentation to doctor or hospital, and thus, the predictable confusion follows. I am grateful to be in my predicament though. Many people still contact me and it doesn’t seem like they are as lucky. 

Thank you for your kind feedback regarding the video. I am so glad that it has helped people. The process has also been healing for me. The documentation of that time in my life has helped me to compartmentalise it and move forward. People regularly say that it is one of the few FND videos out there that gives hope.

I am more than happy for you to share it on youtube or wherever you feel it has the capacity to help. As you queried in your email, I do believe that I have moved on from FND now in many ways. This is all the more reason to continue to share my story and communicate with others to help them to understand that ‘moving on’ can be possible. So I suppose me ‘moving on’ doesn’t need to involve shutting FND out. I imagine it may for some people though so I appreciate you asking. “